Solar Heating Services

The 5 Top Benefits of Solar Heating Systems
  1. Free Boiling Hot water throughout the year
  2. No electricity bill to heat water
  3. Increase the value on your property
  4. Decrease your carbon footprint
  5. Environmentally Friendly
Our Solar Heating Systems Include
  1. Split (pumped) solar installation
  2. Split (thermo-syphon) solar installation
  3. Pitch roof integrated solar installations
  4. Flat roof integrated solar installations
  5. Solar pool heating
Types of Solar Geysers We Install and Maintain
  1. Close Coupled Water Heating System
  2. Direct Water Heating System
  3. Indirect Water Heating System
  4. Pumped Water Heating System
  5. Split Unit Water Heating System
  6. High Pressure Water Heating System
Products of Choice

We also do Heat Pump Combinations with Solar and Haase storage or heating including circulation pumps and tanks.

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