Geyser Wise

What is a Geyeser Wise?

A Geyser Wise is an intelligent controller designed to manage your Hot Water needs to your best advantage from both an energy and economical point of view. It uses professional techniques and the control system is managed by a computer micro processor.

9 Top Reasons How A Geyser Wise Will Save You Money
  1. You have total control. The programmable controller is easy to use and you set the temperature and time the element is on heating water.
  2. The controller displays, in real time, the temperature of the geyser making assessment, evaluation and adjustment for greater efficiency possible.
  3. The element is being used for less time.It’s that simple, less time drawing electricity means savings and greatly reduces the “top up” scenario.
  4. You control the temperature. This is important; as most people have no idea what temperature their geyser is set for? (Usually find at 70 degrees C). Massive amounts of electricity are wasted heating and maintaining this temperature, when the ideal water temperature for domestic washing is between 37 – 41 degrees C.
  5. The amount of heat loss is reduced. By using the majority of the heated water and leaving the geyser at a low temperature (near ambient temperature) during the times when do not need hot water, the standing losses are reduced. Before require hot water again, the timer starts heating the water and the cycle repeats.
    Thetemperature dropping on the display can give valuable information. Being aware of the standing losses prompts most people to insulate the geyser and pipes but please use the correct insulation.
  6. Set to suit the household routine. The control unit can be programmed to your weekday and weekend needs down to the nearest minute and degree of temperature to accommodate your family’s lifestyle. What about unexpected events or guests? No problem, one push on the override button turns on the element until it achieves the programmed temperature. Then it switches itself off and goes back to the programmed settings.
  7. Easy and you don’t have to remember to turn it off is an added bonus.
    It can be programmed to heat out of peak hours,when certain tariffs are cheaper. Heating in off peak hours benefits the country substantially, as by moving the usage out the peak times it reduces the operational capacity that is needed.
  8. Compatible with solar geyser installationyou have installed. The controller links up to the solar pump and pumps the solar heated water when there is a slightly higher temperature than in the geyser. So even if the day is cloudy, any heated water heats the geyser, reducing or eliminating the usage of the element at the end of the day.
  9. The hours used are recorded. You can track your use and make the necessary adjustments and comparisons.

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