Borehole Drilling and Maintenance

Classen Plumbing can provide borehole drilling and maintenance, We are proudly based In Johannesburg Gauteng In South Africa, we service supply and maintain the following services

What is a Borehole?

The first step of borehole drilling and maintenance is water divining or dowsing. Dowsing is a speciality service which entales a Dowser who uses a stick known as a dowsing or divining rod to help you find water on your land.

A straight stick, or flexible vine, may also be used by bending it into an arc, but this is more difficult to hold securely and it is easier to let the curve roll downward rather than waiting for the pull of water to bend the entire stick. Also, the vine may not work for you; it seems to be suitable for only a few skilled dowsers, whereas the forked stick works for almost everyone.

A few very sophisticated dowsers use a metal rod, but this is a specialized piece of equipment and must be carefully manufactured to exact specifications.

An adequate water supply is a must for every rural home and homestead and nothing has proven more effective or simpler to use for finding water than the ancient dowsing rod.

Borehole Drilling and Maintenance

Borehole drilling and maintenance is an essential part considering regular droughts in South Africa, owning your own private borehole is a must. It lets you control your own water supply. Getting your own borehole drilled also means you will have to keep it in good working order if you want to continue receiving water from it. They do require a bit of maintenance to keep them running throughout the years.

How Long Does a Borehole Last?

This will depend on each specific situation, but usually in the region of around 20 years. It will require maintenance to get it to last this long. The water stored in the aquifers below will change with time (depending how much rainfall your climatic region is getting). The more it rains, the more water will be available to pump up.

Is It a Good Investment?

If you have had your borehole professionally drilled and you are maintaining it well, then when you sell your home it will increase your property value for sure! It’s definitely a great investment for your residential, commercial or industrial property and improve the value of your property.

Submersible Pumps and Motors

We supply a wide range of submersible and borehole pumps.

  • Ground Water Supply Pumps
  • Domestic Water Supply Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Drainage Pumps
  • Effluent Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps
Borehole Sleeving

Classen Plumbers do borehole sleeving as part of the borehole drilling and  installation process. Sleeving is important for the maintenance of your borhole.

Sand Boreholes

Sand boreholes are drilled in sandy areas usually down to a maximum depth of about 40m. These holes are usually high yield holes and are ideal for production applications, such as farms, nurseries etc. These holes are usually sleeved with 160mm PVC pipe to prevent the hole from collapsing and to allow for a solid structure inside which the pump is inserted, down to the desired depth.

Conventional Boreholes

These boreholes cover the other side of the borehole spectrum. These holes are drilled anywhere  from 30 to 300m, depending on the area in which they are situated.

In the case of these boreholes, a hole is drilled from the surface until the rock layer is met, using the “mud rotary technique”. From this point on ” percussion ” drilling is used to drill into the rock to the depth required. Once this final depth is reached, the drilling rods are removed and a steel sleeve is inserted into the hole and hammered into the rock to seal the hole and to prevent the sand/clay from falling into the hole. Once this is done the hole can be cleaned and a capacity test can be performed on the hole to test the yield performance.

Classen Plumbers Now Offer The Following New Services
  • Water Divining
  • Borehole Drilling
  • Borehole Pumps Installation
  • Borehole Pumps Maintenance
  • Borehole Pumps Replacement
  • Submersible Pumps and Motors
  • Borehole Sleeving

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