Leak Detection Services

Classen Plumbing now offer services in Thermal, Acoustic and Trace Gas Leak Detecting, Moisture or Damp Reading Equipment, Drain Cameras, Pipe Locating and Mapping and Drain Jetting.

We have partnered up with industry leading leak detection specialists with the ability to locate and eradicate water leaks without unnecessary digging or damage to property.

Do you have an unusually high water account? Do you hear the sound of running water without any taps being open or do you see damp spots on walls and ceilings without knowing where the water is coming from? These are signs of a possible obscured water leak.

Hidden leaks lead to a high water bills and also cause damage to the structural integrity of walls or foundations not to mention damage to plaster and paint caused by an increase in damp levels within a wall.

Do not wait for the damage to escalate. Classen Plumbing leak detection specialists use the latest leak detection technology in thermal, acoustic and sonar equipment to make quick work of hidden leaks before they cause irreversible damage.

With the aid of a thermal camera it becomes possible to see the visual image of both hot and cold water lines inside walls or floors as well as waste pipes. Thermal imaging is one of the most effective methods for detecting leaks.

If you suspect a water or gas leak or need to have pipe mapping done, please give us a call.

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