Irrigation Systems

With the South African summer heat closing in on us, your lawn and garden may need some extra care to stay both healthy and thrive throughout the season.  Having an irrigation system can give you that extra bit of help that you’ll need to keep your outdoor investments looking good all summer long, and our automated systems insure that you can relax and take a long holiday and return to a beautiful green garden.

Benefits of Having an Irrigation System
  • It can save you time.  By having a properly installed irrigation system, you don’t even have to be home when it comes time to water your lawn and landscape.
  • It can save you money. Irrigation systems can deliver the proper amount of water needed to effectively grow a healthy lawn and landscape.  By reducing water usage, you reduce cost!  And with continual use, your irrigation system will pay for itself!
  • It protects your investment.  You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your lawn and garden. Through proper watering you can keep them growing strong and healthy for years to come.
Different Types of Irrigation Systems

Pump System

  • Water is pumped into the irrigation system from a static water source, i.e. rain harvesting water tank reservoir or an existing pond or water feature
  • No additional water usage costs.

Metered Water System

  • Water is supplied through an established water system, i.e. municipality.
  • Can be tied into a house’s existing water lines.
  • As the water being used is metered, monthly usage costs will increase.

Classen Plumbing install, service and maintain most types of Irrigation Systems.

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