High Pressure Residential Hygiene Services


Classen Hygiene and Cleaning provide High Pressure Specialised Residential Hygiene Services. Ensuring your home, is hygienically clean and healthy. We an extensive professional range of hygiene services to the residential sector based in Gauteng, Southern Africa.

Our Hygiene  team undergo extensive training to ensure that you receive hygiene services that are effective, efficient and unobtrusive. We provide SABS-approved disinfecting services that are non-toxic and ensure that a broad spectrum of microscopic organisms, including viruses, mildew, fungi, algae, and dust mites are eliminated.

We provide high pressure washers (WAP) and sanitizing of items such as wash wheelie bins on w a weekly basis. The products we use are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and gentle on your home. We make sure that every square inch of your space is sanitized and disinfected.


  • Domestic Hygiene Services
  • Townhouse HygieneServices
  • Block of Flats HygieneServices
  • Residential Complex Hygiene Services

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Our services include:

  • High pressure hygiene and sanitation
  • Weekly high pressure hygiene and sanitation for wheelie bins
  • Specialised vacuum and sanitation
  • Professional window cleaning

Benefits of using professional services:

  • Professionally cleaned premises enhances the hygiene, health, safety and overall well being of residents and staff
  • A hygiene focused service which ensures healthy living conditions
  • Regular, reliable service

Classen Hygiene has an expertly trained cleaning team, who are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), your property and its residents are in safe hands.

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